My name is Kieley, I fell in love with photography when I realized how amazing life is. How lucky and beautiful we are as human beings. Photographic Studies in St. John's, NL was the first step in my professional photography career. From there I moved to Halifax, NS to study photography further, first in the dark room processing film and then in the studio mastering the digital world of photography.

I moved to Ontario in 2004 and Co Founded a Non Profit organization called the Oakville Camera Club  www.oakvillecameraclub.com which is a member based organization providing opportunities, mentoring and education for amateur photographers in the GTA. Starting a club for photographers helped me build my network, my business and be part of an ever growing community of photographers.

100 weddings later and I was ready to move on to my next adventure! Get back to my home province of Newfoundland, settle back to the roots and capture the beauty of the island. Most importantly, to be part of this wonderful community of beautiful people. Family.

I love happy people, happy experiences. The character and expressions of children. Allowing people to be themselves in a comfortable environment and having the unpredictable result of naturally capturing people as they express themselves. Photographing children is my new passion, and capturing the love between a parent and a child. 

I love to sit on a patio in the summer, watching people.  To document people's lives including my own.  Life is simple and family is important to me.  I have learned you need very little to be happy.  My fiance is Bahamain, he has two boys 11 and 14. We spend half the year in Ontario and the other half in Newfoundland running our family business GForce Karting in Torbay.